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The offer of premises management is addressed to owners of individual residential and commercial premises as well as investors with a portfolio of several or a dozen or so properties. We take over all obligations arising from the ownership of real estate, so that clients who, for various reasons, do not have the opportunity or time to deal with matters related to the service of rented residential or commercial premises, receive professional assistance at every stage of real estate rental .


If you have a rented flat or commercial premises or intend to rent them in the future, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer.


 Apartment management is a package of services in which you will find:

  • Negotiating and signing on behalf of the Owner with the consent of lease agreements,
  • Collection and monitoring of rental receipts,
  • Making all payments on behalf of the Owner (administrative rent, electricity, central heating, telephone, internet, etc.),
  • Ongoing contact with the administrator of the building in which the flat is located,
  • Organization of technical service that immediately eliminates any defects and maintains the apartment in perfect technical condition,
  • Representing the Owner in all matters before the tenant,
  • Representing the Owner before institutions and offices in matters related to the administered premises
  • Regular inspections of the rented apartment,
  • Help with property insurance,
  • Help in settling the tax on property lease,
  • Providing the owner with quarterly reports on the implementation of the management contract,
  •  Adaptation of renovation of premises,
  • Acquiring new tenants of premises,
  • Brokerage in the sale / purchase / lease of premises,
  • assistance in obtaining a loan needed to finance the purchase of real estate.


The scope of duties is tailored to the individual needs and wishes of the owner - from acquiring a tenant, through the implementation of ownership obligations, to the organization of repairs.